Friday, June 5, 2009


My counter went missing!
Now I have to start over. DAAAAAAANG!
And I was at over 10,000 hits...
sniff sniff...
well if that is the least of my worries....

Off to finish this wack story line up.
Also in the news. I will be appearing at the Tattered Cover in LODO
for the Cowtown Alternative Comixs Festival. A few of us
ner-do-wells getting together and having some fun for the day.
So if you are in the Denver area come on by and check it out ,support
local comix, AND starving cartoonists, like MOI!
I will have some older books for sale and possibly some original
strips and pages for sale. I also will be discussing the state of syndication these
days...what fun!

music of the day: Nick Cave
food of the day: imodium
mood of the day; too tired to have one.

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