Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I had to repost this..

So It always HAS bugged me when someone comes along to a fine running
company and figures.."Hey let's change everything that made it
successful, let's dump all the cool cartoons, let's FIRE all the
great ,talented, animation staff, and let's make inane,
ludicrous decisions ,like change the logo,
and put on only lame ass live action crap that is a rehash
of adult shows that equally suck-ass....
here we have a company sitting on a treasure trove of classic cartoons,
and original shows, and he SHITS all over them...
You tell 'em sister!

thanks to Josh Latta for making me aware of this video..

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bluejoanna said...

So MTV never plays music anymore and now Cartoon Network is playing non-cartoons? What has this world come to?