Monday, June 1, 2009


Not really,but I thought I should start the week off with a positive note,
even if the news lately has been grim, both personal and worldwide.
Incensed enough to not discuss the one issue on this forum,as I know it would
piss off the self righteous narrow minded few that might actually stumble across this stupid blog, and I have
no patience lately for such close minded, self serving, fake 'god fearing' individuals.
But lighthearted enough to discuss Comic worlds Archie Andrews stupid,stupid
move of picking Veronica over Betty. Airhead,self centered Veronica. Archie really IS
lead by his dick,isn't he? Betty, ahh Betty...She's better off..Actually I think Jughead is better suited to Archie. what do you think? Bwahahaha...
Nuff said....

I'm off to get in a better mood and get a frickin' job...

Music of the day: assorted Punk
food of the day: umm..stuff
mood of the day: overcast, like the sky.

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