Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Wednesday is flopsweat day

Today is memorial to Broken Dolls Day in Japan.
Buddhist priests will pray over, then entomb all the broken
dolls brought to them by children..
A nice way I guess to honor a child treasured plaything...
me I just keep them around until,well, until I'm buried
with them I suppose...LOL. I think "Doggie", "Skunky", and "Panda" would
appreciate that.

In other fun news...unpublished photos of Marilyn were found in the LIFE magazine
archives...Before her descent into the mad Hollywood machine. Adding to my 'girl-crush" even's one now...Shot by Ed Clark, I believe.

O.k I'm of to be creative, unique and find a job..
HA!!! I crack me the hell up!

Music of the day: I hear the New Costello is out
food of the day: Snicker- Snax
mood of the day: Just "be"

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