Friday, July 31, 2009

Friday is fryday

Hey gang, great shark footage here:
Only two more days!! MWAHAHAHAH!

And for your viewing pleasure: P.J's finest "hork" on record so far.

And in sad news we bid adieu to indi station 101.3
moving to internet to...well umm evade the fcc rules,and probably the
prohibitive expense of radio.(as the spin doctors tell me)..New format seems to be metal hair bands or other sum such nonsense..yeah..we sure need MORE of THAT...pffft
radio is dead,long live radio.

I'm also available for commission work ,and some strips might be
available for for requests and prices.

music of the day: well it ain't on da radio
food of the day: stuff
mood of the day; headache....wicked headache/neckache

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