Friday, July 3, 2009

I suck

I seem to have blown a week with no comics let me rectify that situation with a double whammy...just in time for the 4th..
it's been a busy week..topped off by my fridge DYING yesterday..yes, that's right
a holiday weekend. (nasty little fucker has a mind of its own.)
Anyway , no new one til Monday , fer cripes sake. ( the perils of being a renter I suppose.)
So a neighbors kindness ,letting me store most of it in her fridge, and bags of dry ice, are helping me maintain somewhat.

to be continued...

frankly this year I'm hoping Kobayashi can reclaim the title at the
Hot dog contest in Cony Island...I don't think Ant would stand a chance
against him, OR Joey Chestnut.

music of the day: firecrackers
food of the day: defrosted whatever
mood of the day: peeved

Have a GROOVY 4th ya'll ,don'r blow off any appendages


Comic Book College Weeklies said...


Your online comix are the first ones that are actually large enough to read the word balloons....


HEy thanks...Yah it gets frustrating when you can't read stuff I try my best to be good at that!
happy 4th!