Thursday, July 30, 2009


I seem to be enjoying old t.v shows better than anything new lately...
I'm finally watching my set of ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT DVD's and BOY is that
show just as hysterical as I remember it. I was upset when it left the air, but if Jason Batemans comments
at comic-con this year are true..then we won't have to wait much longer for
an A.D movie! Woot!

Here's part 3 and for those it's not really repeats as much as
FINALS of the strips that were never inked... P.J puking is Oh so fun to draw too.
Oh and greetings to all my Canadian,and Nordic readers

And don't forget Kiddies, SHARK WEEK starts Sunday!! SO be there for the
toothy bloodshed and mayhem!! WEEEEEEEEEE!

music of the day: Tom Waites, The Smiths
food of the day; I haven't gotten there yet
mood of the day: near desperation

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