Monday, August 10, 2009

Monday is Robot day

Yeah, well I
like robots! What can I say.
This week will be dedicated to:
1. Working on a new comics project as yet
unnamed ,along with Zero Hour. More info when I
am a bit more informed myself as to the who,
what, where and when of it all.But believe me
it is exciting to say the least
2. Clearing out and organizing files,detritus,snips
and snails and all the rest from my ever expanding
studio space.
3. get a job ( HA!)
4. shit or get off the pot
5. making time for friends,dates etc....
6. listen to RAINDOGS over and over til
my neighbours complain or shoot me.
7. eat healthier
8. Work on my back pain

and at that...I am off to get a rip roaring start to the week.

music of the day: see above
food of the day: again, see above
mood of the day: goofy

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