Sunday, August 16, 2009


O.K, I must apologize for my lack of posting this week,and for
not posting so much next week as well. But it's all good.
I just have double deadline time going on right now and I'm trying
to get a head start on it all in the off chance I actually
GET a job soon.. Bwahahah!!Oh MAN! I CRACK me the F@#& UP!

Anyway. It's a glorious cool ,sunny day outside and barring
figuring out how to take my entire drafting table outside to ink,
I shall be enjoying it thru my window.

In the meantime ,enjoy this lovely ROBOT!
Love you all!

Music of the day: NICK CAVE/ DIG LAZARUS DIG ( if you don't have this
cd, why the hell NOT!?)
food of the day: squishy push up juice sticks, green tea
mood of the day; good, cept for the evil crick in my neck!
come fix it, will you?

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