Tuesday, October 13, 2009


HA HA..another golden oldie for yaz.
Did it REALLY happen? I'll never tell.
This nugget ran in..umm..OH shoot,does it matter?
But its old, THAT I know. hee hee

Like a deer in headlights lately, don't know why.

music of the day: Morrissey, NIN, Sonic Youth
food of the day: leftover POT ROAST I made last night, it didn't turn
out so bad at all..hey maybe I CAN Cook...
mood of the day: panicked with a side of, 'Uh OH"

ALSO: I WILL be selling more schtuff at the COLLECTORS SUPERSHOW
ON OCT 25. From 10 to 3...I will have TWO tables CRAMMED full of all
sorts of fun stuff for you to buy. Hey great holiday shopping savings!

for more info...

You CAN'T miss it..I will also have PEZ for all! HA HA!
Help me ,seriously I need to raise the rent money this month! AND
clear out my storage closet and apartment a bit more.
If you're looking for anything special whip me off an email
and I will see if I have it...
I also still have TONS of Hello Kitty to go bye bye!

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