Monday, October 26, 2009


NOW I can announce it.
I have a new strip called CAFE NEUROTIC launching this week at

go to beehive upper right then
click on entertainment
scroll down to the bottom..I know ,right? Comics still regaled
to the bottom of things..bwahaha
Anyway..please look and leave nice comments for
the more hits we get and the more accolades of admiration at
my extreme talent will garner me rewards much deserved and needed..
tee hee.

Did the big toy show this weekend..sold some stuff but not enuff to
make the rent..soooo if there is any strip you are particularly interested in
that I did in the past few years I will be reposting some and offering them
for sale at $100 a pop...fair price for giggles, laughs and ,if requested
some nipple action added back in...BWAHAHA...If you think of one you like just ask me
about it....

It's a mirror image of my Empire Strikes Back Yoda! Yours for ONLY $150.00 !!!

O.K I'm going to clean up dis place , my pad looks like Santa's bag

Hugs and giggles my loves!

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