Friday, October 2, 2009


"The scanner driver supporting this system is not installed" , yadda yadda...sigh
so there goes THAT quick an easy scan and post today..
I got SNOW LEOPARD OS on here now I have to go
waste time with some annoying but QUICK fixes before I post some funnies for

meanwhile enjoy this lovely photo of my dessert
from last nights delectable meal at CAMPO DE FIORI
in Cherry Creek...OY was it good...
this is a pear bread pudding with caramel sauce... crazy ass good eating
so if you're looking for a nice meal, it's worth every penny..
I had a lamb with potato gnocchi, a calamari app as well,tender and yummy.We also had
the Romana salad with pancetta in an anchovy dressing.And a side of risotti with porcini mushrooms drizled with white truffle oil ( my leftover lunch for today! YAH!)
NOT crappy chain
food like ..*shudder*the olive garden
BWHAHAH...if you ever eat at a GOOD Italian restaurant you will find it almost IMPOSSIBLE to ever enter into a chain restaurant again..Sadly most people are never offered the chance, or have the money to experience great food, locally sourced when possible and made with LOVING care and attention, with PASSION....Nothing left that kitchen last night that was a 'factory produced /rush job of congealing dough on a plate..HAHAHAH.

This is the salmon my dining companion had, on a lovely bed of spinach.The do fish specials and it yeah I had a great time, and our waitress, rocker chick ROXY was a great fun tattooed gal! Ask for her!

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