Thursday, October 22, 2009

Tea Time

Patty: Well hello Frankenstein's Monster, would you like some tea?

Monster: Mrrggggg ( Why yes please ,that would be delightful)

P : Here you go dear, would you like some sugar and milk?

M: Mrrrrrrarrrrrrrrrrr ( yes please!)

P: Certainly, Oh and how about a nice buttery scone?

M: Arggghmmmmmmmppph ( OH yes, they look so yummy today, is that raisins in them I see?)

P: Why yes Monster, I'm glad you noticed, I made them especially for you.

M: Rrrrrrrarrrggggg gggggg ( They are delicious, my I think they will go directly to my thighs, but I don't care! These are scrumptious!)

P: Oh , nonsense, you are a perfectly svelte looking monster, I must say!

M: AAAAAARRRRRRRRRGGGG! ( So kind of you to say, ohh may I have some more tea please?)

P: Certainly dear, Oh It's almost Four! Time to get back to frightening the Villagers I dare say!

M: ARRGHHHHHH ARRREEEEERRRRR ( OH ,quite right, well thanks for the nice treat, see you around the Village! I'll be sure to not drown you when I see you next!)

P: Bye Bye now dearie, such a nice monster. Ever so polite!


Waves as he toodles off into the distance...

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