Thursday, November 19, 2009


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Yadda yadda

Today is a mellow day. I think I was listening to too much NIN lately
so today is Tom Waits day...I'm still sad I only have a few cds
of his stuff. Nighthawks I only have on record. I seem to have sold
alot of his stuff when I was moving here from Atlanta and raising funds.
(WHAT was I thinking!?)
I sold alot of stuff I'm regretting, including a nice blues collection,
80s punk stuff etc.... sigh

Also a side note, if and when you are shopping for vitamins ,DON'T go
cheap and get the fish oil pills that DON'T have the 'NO FISH BURPS" printed on it...
I feel like an ol' bear must feel after his gluttonous carnage at the stream.
BRWAAAAAAAAAAAP! ohh how sexy!

I'm off now to ..ummm contemplate my floor,yoga it up
apply for more silly jobs, and stare inside my fridge wondering that if
I stare hard enuff inside , a magical delicious meal will
appear without my having to cook it.
OH and umm puppets, I need to mix it up with some puppets!

Music of the day: T Waits/ RAINDOGS Sonic Youth /assorted
Food of the day: whatever the refrigerator gods deem me worthy of.
Mood of the day: ornery and powerful

later my lil' monkey minions!

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