Wednesday, December 16, 2009

and on it goes...

..the waffle shortage , in case any of you were wondering.
Now they say not until MID 2010 will EGGOS production be back up
to speed. That's a long time to hear the crying wails of a denied
public their tasty carb-loaded breakfast treat.
Hey ya losers, try OATMEAL!!!

Of course I'm doing a comic
about it.

It's so gray out today, alot of my friends are feeling the
winter blues. I say a nice shot of hot chocolate, a warm
blankie, curled up watching GODZILLA movies is JUST the thing
to cure the doldrums. That,
or a good shot of Jim Beam in the
hot chocolate should do the trick.

music of the day: assorted
food of the day: surprise me tonight
mood of the day: waffleless

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