Sunday, December 20, 2009

Hit It

See this. It's a wall. I hit it last night.Not going full speed but
fast enough to do some damage. Sometimes that happens.
There I was getting ready to go to this big holiday party, when
all of a sudden,wham, I hit it.
Sitting on the edge of my bed,holiday plaid on, putting on my boots,
and it washed over me. All I wanted to do was NOT go. In a mild panic I called
Kyle, went over to his pad and we ordered Thai food and settled in to watch
Star Trek and doodle.It felt safe, it felt calm, and I didn't have to
talk to anyone. I still don't feel right. Waking up this morning
I feel even more wiped out, and whiny.
Hell,even I hate being around me when I'm like that,let alone someone else.
Today is regroup day,sort thru cd's to sell day , do yoga day, drink teas and find my center again day. And possibly eat Indian food day.
Yes, Indian food is good for what ails ya.

Happy Holidaze. Winter Solstice.

music of the day: bauhaus ( well THERE'S yer problem right there,little missy!)
food of the day: tea? Indian?
mood of the day: crashed ,crumpled

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