Thursday, January 7, 2010


Hello ice, hello sliding around on the roads last night so bad I was wondering
if even a good meal of Indian food was worth it.( It was not.)
Now it's so sunny out and still freezing. I kinda like that conflicting
weather scenario. I can run outside and as long as I'm in the sun, it's great!

I was apt. bound for a few days so I shall be venturing out.
I also am miffed at myself for botching an art project commission so badly
that I have to start all over. This is what I get for trying to do
things in a style that is not ME.

(detail before I even wrecked it further..sigh,o.k but not what I was going for at all.)

Something that I am trying to embrace in all aspects of my life.
I never really was a conformist in my heart, so why even pretend to
try now. hee hee. Take it or leave it I suppose.

music of the day: assorted
food of the day: now I'm dreaming of Indian food
mood of the day: chilly in soul ,but warm at heart

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