Saturday, January 30, 2010

Is it so wrong?

To lust after inanimate objects? Boots to be more precise? MENS Boots? Ruff and tumble Clockwork Orange vibed boots.
Romper stomper boots.Boots that bring out my inner butch-bitch.
boots that say "Don't fuck with me!" Boots that I'd wear til they fell
off my feet in shreds.
Thank Buddha they are sold out. And that I don't have 600 plus bucks to
blow on them.
Yes, you read right, 600 smackers. for boots buffed with used motor oil for that designer " I don't care" attitude. Tiny bits of metal infused into the leather, for that "set off the airport security alarms " effect.

Designer wish list indeed.

"Nice Collective hand-made leather combat boot. This limited Scrap Metal version is hand-buffed with used motor oil and infused with tiny scraps of engine metal. The Scrap Metal Boot features a comfy athletic insole fused to leather."

music of the day: The Who, Tom Waits, NIN
food of the day: leftover duck
mood of the day: butchy


Mark said...

I'll go in on them with you! I want them too, we'll make a schedule of which days either of us gets to wear them. ;)


Thankfully they are sold out, and not available. Or I would have worked out a 'visitation" plan.
What shoe size are you? hee hee hee