Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Oh it MOVES!

HI , my name is Ingrid. I am a super
angsty,hipster gurl.

I am a cute kitty grab-a-coin-bank.

You ever had a friend in your life that just seems to
KNOW when you need a little cheering up, or encouragement?
Who seems to surprise you with such little gifts of
cuteness and happy? Who's in tune to what pushes
your 'cheer-up,happy face,cool' button?
We may be hundreds of miles apart, and not talk
much on the phone, but Stephanie and I seem
to be on such a wavelength. Mutual love of all
that is cool, comics, sushi, funness,Godzilla,
can bring one together. A "we are in this
crazy thing together" sort of gal. We both have dealt
with the ups and downs of life. Always lending an ear to
the other. And shes never one to forget
a friend. She's a keeper that gal! I never did sometimes seem
to make friends easily,so she's extra special to me.
Love ya girl!

music of the day : Gary Numan/Exile
food of the day: pad thai
mood of the day: kawaii!!!

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