Friday, February 12, 2010

Love? Pffft.

I would be remiss to not mention an upcoming holiday. I ask in advance for forgiveness
if I ramble or otherwise am incoherent. The 66 bucks (!!!!) bottle of codeine laced cough syrup has taken full effect. Bless hardcore drugs. And this stuff was once sold over the counter? No wonder so many folks
abused it. The hazy cloud of happy little sock monkeys flying above my head, the little merry bunnies hopping around my light as air feet,whats NOT to like about it.
Oh yeah,side effects, lost taste buds,inability to get ones comic strips written..but NO coughing at least.
Now why it's so easy to get booze, ciggys, other stuff so cheap and THIS stuff cost me, well, 66 fricking bucks is beyond me. But there ya go. SO I do feel better, and am relieved that I'm on the mend. Of course having to cancel about 4 dates and 5 events was NOT to my liking but, meh, small price to pay,and there will be other times for fun...
Woops , I was talking about a cheap created holiday to sell cards, candy and flowers.
Bless the card industry to take it upon themselves to get a good holiday going to boost sales. Ingenuity at its finest.
I prefer to show my affection for someone all the time, not at a predetermined date.
But then again ,you may be thinking I am not digging the day due to not having a special someone in my life currently,and am bitter. Or that someone once broke my heart into a million little pieces on V day so many years ago.
(Forgiven,and laughed about now.HI J! giggle.) No, I just don't really care anymore, and hey, maybe I have several "special people" in my life right now? Ever think about THAT?

So to my special pals I send to you my heartfelt love and affection and thanks that
you are in my life. Here's to many more fun times,chat, giggles, monkeys and cheer.

And a special message to George Clooney, PLEASE I cannot keep opening the door for all those flowers, cards, gifts you keep sending me. Please know that I do care, but, I need some rest babe! I'll see you when yer back in town,but for now. Give it a rest, I love ya without all the bribes hunny bunny!

music of the day: Ton Waits, New Order, Smiths
food of the day: what food, pass the syrup!
mood of the day: comic strip less but who cares! pass the syrup..(coff coff)


Anonymous said...

Hello !

Quite a funny and smart page. I don't even remember how I fell here, but truly no regrets. I did enjoy !
Oh yes, I remember now...My passion for comic book art, and the only remaining one I'm scared. Almost older than me. My goodness, when did it start ? Winsor McCay...Perhaps...
No matter.
My cousin, George Clooney, left here a huge bunch of flowers for you and a vast number of cards. So please, would you be so kind as to take the first plane and get them before they wilt ?
I can also find for you a codeine laced cough syrup bottle for 2.67 euros. Yeah ! I'm serious. You're not seeing things, it's the price here. 66 bucks sounds a bit like a rip-off !
Free for you !
I really owe you this for the good time I spent here !

I'll be back to watch your art and read the rest.

Best regards



Hallo Chris!
thanks for the fun comments!
Well I need to get on a plane then an get mah ass over there!

tell George that I'm on my way!!
thanks for reading an ya..enjoy the backlog of comic treats hidden here!

Anonymous said...

U are a sweetie

T hank u so much for

O ffering me so

P retty kind words

I like them, warm & cool,

A nd your Art. And your heart !


hee hee...thanks ever so!