Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Phil, you SUCK! C'mon Bill, you can do something about it! Can't you?

Today is turning out to be a not so cool day. After lunch I started to get
that old familiar feeling. Heartburn. I don't get it often, but when I do
now it's unbearable. Gas and heartburn make your tummy and chest swell up
a bit. For the normal person its damned uncomfortable. For a spinal injury/
issue person it's down right UN-FUCKING-BEARABLE....my entire spine is
on fire. My back is making me writhe, trying to find a comfortable position.
Friends advice of peppermint taken,burp made....wishing for a million more.
Ah well, this too shall pass.....
If this is the least of my worries today, I'm getting off pretty light..

music of the day: Joy Division
food of the day: damned food!
mood of the day: bitchy, and now I'm done ...

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Anonymous said...

Gas-X helps