Tuesday, February 16, 2010


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Yeah it's about cougars.Something I never gave much thought to.
Yes I'm getting older and yes, I will be having one of THOSE birthdays this year.
But I never really gave much thought to the "older woman,younger man" scenario.
Age in relationships was never in the forefront of my brain when I am dating.
Sure I like to have stuff in common, but usually I'm finding that the younger
guy has more going for him that I can relate to. Let's see, the last few guys have been about
15 to 19 years younger.Some snuck by me around 10 years but that's it.

One guy I went out with very briefly (o.k once) was
5 years older than me. I was bored to tears and he couldn't keep
up with me in a lot of areas...so, sigh, back I go to what I like and know....

Now, *clap clap* bring me another little twee goth boy,this one is spent!

music of the day: The Cure,The Who, The Knack
food of the day: cheese!
mood of the day: healthier hence,happier

Bwahahah, I crack me the fuck up!

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Mark said...

Remember, to quote Mr Indiana Jones, "it aint the years, its the mileage".
Younger aint always better missy. So before you be all goin and poo-pooin us guys who are moderately aged ( im not old, im 37. or in this case 40.gads.), just realize we are less likely to blow you off for a game of World of Warcraft with our buddies.

Just sayin my dear. Love ya..:)