Friday, February 19, 2010


It's not hard to get to me!
This is a comment I got on my blog I had to share with you. The way to MY heart
has been found, offers of a cheap-ass high off of cough syrup imported from Europe,
and a connection to George Clooney. Nothing to it!
Now GET ON THE BALL YA'LL, You're lagging behind !

Hello !

Quite a funny and smart page. I don't even remember how I fell here, but truly no regrets. I did enjoy !
Oh yes, I remember now...My passion for comic book art, and the only remaining one I'm scared. Almost older than me. My goodness, when did it start ? Winsor McCay...Perhaps...
No matter.
My cousin, George Clooney, left here a huge bunch of flowers for you and a vast number of cards. So please, would you be so kind as to take the first plane and get them before they wilt ?
I can also find for you a codeine laced cough syrup bottle for 2.67 euros. Yeah ! I'm serious. You're not seeing things, it's the price here. 66 bucks sounds a bit like a rip-off !
Free for you !
I really owe you this for the good time I spent here !

I'll be back to watch your art and read the rest.

Best regards


But now the pressure is on as well. I best get my ass in gear and do some new comics
toot sweet!

music of the day: Morrissey ( hell ya it's over cast today)
food of the day: chicken thingies
mood of the day: satiated (thanks Drakecake)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hey !

May I say you made me laugh ? Let's say grin. And that's f...... positive ! My inner charge increases nicely thanks to you.
Yeah I know, horking, kvetching, that's not funny. My sinuses and my nose made fun of me lately too. But I finally settled the stuff.
Who's the Boss huh ?
By the way, could you write "frenchly" sometimes ? I mean cough and sneeze are ok. But hork and kvetch, my dictionary doesn't give a fuck !
Finally, no matter. You don't only make me smile but also teach me. I guess you'll make me more intelligent.
Did you ever think you have this magical power ?
To make me feel like a sponsor.
...WTF did I write this ?! :)
But I do like this sketch in your "peeps" chapter. "Touché", I must say !
Let's make the deal one day. In the back shop.
You know what ?
I couldn't stop sneezing while reading your blog and writing today. I wonder...Is it contagious ?

Anyway, bless you !