Thursday, February 25, 2010


..and so it continues.REALLY?
I'm STILL sick? WTF?
Just when I think it's done ,it sucked me back in for ANOTHER round of
"Let's make Patty hork up an internal organ."

SO my week has consisted of cartooning, coughing, sneezing, cartooning,
writing, horking, tea, more cartooning, more tea,dinner out when I shouldn't
but I'm sick of my cooking, Movie,(Sherlock Holmes,and yes, Robert Downey Jr. CAN take off his shirt in any movie,thank you very much.), more tea, more kvetching,writing,
meeting friends, renewing friendships,staring at my taxes and not doing them, sort of job hunting in between coughing...and syrup...mmmm syrup,which is now no longer going to do the trick. Teasing new pals, taunting old. And yes.........sneezing.
Did I mention coughing?

Oh and, lusting after the bamboo tablet and justifying said purchase.
Donations accepted to further the career of this cartoonist.
All donations receive an original Sketch of their choice.

Really, I WILL be better.NOW.I mean,YEAH I HAVE to be.How much positive thinking
does one need anyway? I'm full of it. well I'm full of something.

tee hee

music of the day: Pet Shop Boys, Nick Cave, Clash, Bowie
food of the day: stuff
mood of the day; a tad confused? Lightheaded,(Impacted sinuses?)

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