Monday, February 8, 2010

What? More?

hee hee..good thing I don't have to BE anywhere...coff coff..
which led me to think these thoughts in my fevered ,self indulgent,whiney state:

I accept that I am a loner. Sure I like to
go out, meet friends,do things,hang out...but when it comes right down to it,
I seem to still really crave being alone in my own space.It has it's benefits for
sure.No answering to anyone about anything. Hence my no desire for a roommate, or, I think
life mate, at least a mate that actually lived in the same place as me.(hee hee)
I seem to be the "yeah yeah, that was fun, no go home" typa gal for all my days.

But when yer sick? Ah, sick! That's where I change my tune. No one is around to tuck you in, bring you soups, tissues, sock monkeys ,
meds and blankets. No one listens to you hack up a lung, or run to the bath to puke. No one sees if you have a fever and gets you ice. No one knows if you ate or not that day. No one thinks if a 4 hour marathon of Arrested Development is a good medicinal move.
And no, I'm not pathetic, I DO have pals checking in with me. And I AM taking care of myself quite well by myself ,thank you very much. But,that's a bit different. Innit? Maybe in my encroaching years I am thinking different. Maybe it would be nice to have someone around. Someone that is there for you. Sweet.

Or maybe it's just the fucking fever talking.....


peet said...

Hello, I'm a loner too and i'm proud of it!!In the past I have several best friends and there was always someone yealous! It makes me so tired. Now I stuck with my husband and two sons and I have one friend but she's a loner too so she doesn't claim me and I don't claim her. We paint together once a week and that's it and I'm very happy with it. I really feel free and I love it. So enjoy being a loner. In holland we have a song it says: sooner or later friendship is an illusion, and I think it's true. Get well, bye Peet


Thanks peet!

bluejoanna said...

Get a cat or something.

Mark said...

I've been alone most of my life. Never really had any lasting relationships. Marriage went south after 8 years. But yeah, its nice to have someone around when you need a hug or comfort, or just another cup of tea. But then again, being alone with my art has its benefits too.


I'd get a cat if this building let ya...and I didn't have allergies....
a nice lil' Siamese ....

Amorphous Trapezoid said...

Leroy from Geez Louise here. I'm a loner too. (Or should I change the "n" to an "s", and get "loser"?) I have friends and a cat, yes. But, besides the cat, there is NO WAY I would EVER live with someone else, at least as long as I can afford it.
Yes, it's your fever talking about wanting someone to live with you. Someone better set you straight. :)

By the way, sorry I wasn't more chatty with you at GL today (Wednesday). I drank way too much tea, and was feeling kind of anti-social. (Although tea and coffee usually make me way more chatty, not less so.)

Hope you feel better soon.