Thursday, February 4, 2010

Why Not?

So here's a rework of an older strip I did.I changed the look to the web comic look I gave her, and I changed the guy character altogether
I mean why SHOULD I have a the ol' ex B.F in there? Since he's no longer on the scene. Why have him in the paper world? hee hee
So I put in my new demonic dream date of a tweaky lil' goth boy...Mwahahaha.

Hey, It's MY world on paper, I can do what I want, to whomever I want. Right?

Cathartic to say the least.
Mwahaha eat it.

Still laid up with the nasty chestal region -cold -thingy....but much better after a nice chiro visit.

music of the day: Flogging Molly, Gary Numan, Joy Division
food of the day: nothing much it all tastes like paste today
mood of the day: ornery

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