Wednesday, February 10, 2010

With REAL MoNkEyS in every bar!

O.K not REALLY , but wouldn't that be funny?
MONKEY BRAINS OATMEAL, ( yes the same one I rave about all the time..) ,has finally come out with their new chewy granola bar line. I actually found them in King Soopers.
I assume Whole foods has them as well. Why King Soopers isn't carrying the oatmeal as well? I dunno,but this is about the bars. I'm not normally a fan of 'soft chewy' anything,but again, not everything is free of high frucose crap and fake shit.
So I gave em a shot. The had promised me a box a while ago..but I see from their website they have reorganized,(sold?),reassembled,and obviously got a real marketing team going for them now.So I won't hold my breath, it was sweet enough of them to send me a CASE of oatmeal last year while I waited out the regrouping and couldn't find the stuff anywhere!

I bought the blueberry vanilla ones,and while I HATE iced anything, ( I know,I know,call me a freak again.)I didn't mind these at all. For one thing nothing tasted FAKE. NO fake vanilla, no fake blueberry, so YEAH for the MONKEY!

These have a probiotic ,nutroflora in it to aid digestion health and not spike your blood glucose levels. All I know is, no weird aftertaste, and no FAKE flavoring. I HATE fake. Why do fake when you can have real?
here's the igredients:

Chewy Granola (Whole Grain Rolled Oats, Roasted Soybeans, and Almonds), Brown Rice Syrup, Super Monkey Power Fruit Blend (Dates, Raisins, Cranberries, Blueberry and Grape Juice Concentrates), Vanilla Flavored Coating (Evaporated Cane Juice, Palm Kernel Oil, Nonfat Dry Milk, Vanilla and Soy Lecithin), Brown Rice Flour, Maltodextrin, Fructan (NutraFlora®), Natural Flavors, Sugar, Salt, Citric and Malic Acid.

Contains Almonds, Soy, and Milk Ingredients.

while I DO question the Palm Kernal Oil ,(there are two camps on that front)
I'd say, go for it. It's a good "quickie,tide you over, here kid ,yer bothering me" -snack. Certainly not an everyday thing for me, but I can see grabbing one if I know I'm going to be stuck out somewhere with no resource for a quickie nosh.

I'm done my little food soapbox review ,now back to the other stuff.
Obviously I feel better ,or I had to go out cuz no one else was gonna go shop for me...hee hee
NO, seriously, I DO feel better,and will be back to my ol' %100 pretty soon.

Nap time!

music of the day: Gary Numan, Morris Day.
food of the day: MONKEY BRAINS !!!
mood of the day: closer to myself , not as ornery.
MUCH thanks to MISUN OH and her magic needles of acupuncture goodness!!!!


Chris said...

Patty! Thanks for the great review!!!! Can we put it on our website? Oh...we owe you some Monkey Bars I guess!!!!!!? - Monkey Brains guy


Ah you certainly can!
I love you guys!!!
more Blueberry oatmeal please..giggle