Tuesday, March 2, 2010


This is obviously a Hello Kitty mini-travel bottle.
What's NOT so obvious is what's inside
the bottle.
THAT my dears is about
10 bucks worth of Codeine laced cough syrup.
I took this with me to the club last week,where I commenced to
cough my brains out in the parking lot, so down the hatch half of it went.
I have about one more teaspoon full left in the big bottle, and some of the
OTHER cough stuff the Dr. gave me. The icky cherry flavored crud that reminds me
of all the medicines my mom fed me when I was but a 'yoot'.
The stuff that now makes me HATE ANYTHING flavored cherry.
( except cherry Tootsie-
pops and cherry lifesavers.)

But I digress. I think I was planning on bitching about certain medicines being so fricking expensive ,when at one time, this cough syrup was super cheap,and available over the counter. I think you can still get it
in some states. ( Anyone going to Nebraska?) And super cheap in Europe.( As a French patriot informed me it is about 2.5 euros over there.). Anyway, 66 bucks for the first bottle I got stopped me from
refilling the script,and asking the Dr. for something different and cheaper.

Thank Buddha I'm not dying of something.

(consensus is, it's some sort of bronchial thingy.)

music of the day: the jangle of change in my pocket
food of the day: honey, nectar of the gods.
mood of the day: obviously a bit 'teched'

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