Friday, March 19, 2010


to post anything yesterday. I think my head is a bit fuzzy. I feel better
but something is a tad "off" I went out last night with a friend for
dinner and felt a bit 'off kilter' the whole time.Well ,actually we both were a bit off, him from overworking on multiple projects and me from, well, being sick so long.I was off my game for sure.
So the whole evening had a bit of an
edge to it. No, I take that had a bit of a lackluster to was not for lack of good company though! Try again, I will.

In other news I shall be doing a "show" at Local coffee shop GEEZ LOUISE
in Oct. and have started on my wood cutouts that I am doing...Dogs, cats, bats and who
know what else will be hanging on the walls. So that is keeping me a touch out of trouble and a bit busier. Gotta get a jump on things.

I drove around in the snow storm this morning, wondering why I always get a bug up my butt to go on errands when a storm hits. Dunno? Thrill seeker? Snow watcher?

This is a special friends favorite sea creature so that is why I posted it.
I can see why. It's a fun Octopus!

night time is snuggle time.

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