Monday, March 1, 2010

It's a cold thing!

Symptoms of walking pneumonia:
Although walking pneumonia does not show noticeable symptoms in the initial stage, as time passes by, the patient may experience following symptoms:

* Lethargy (sudden decline in energy level)
* Cold (the severity of cold increases with time as the disease reaches patient’s chest, this differentiates walking pneumonia from common cold)
* Sudden chills
* Patient may experience mild to severe headache accompanied by fever and also throat problems complaints (such as rashes in throat)
* Annoying runny nose problem
* Pain in abdominal area, ears, eye, muscles and chest
* Patient may experience sore throat because of ongoing cough condition
* Sometimes patient may experience shallow and rapid breathing due to fatigue

Prominent symptoms of walking pneumonia take almost 1 to 3 weeks to surface (this period is also known as incubation period); it starts with loss in energy level and patient feels exhausted. Before this period, the disease does not show any significant symptoms.

O.K I don't THINK I have those EXACT symptoms..but..hmm....
I'm always lethargic. HA HA.
And I don't have a fever right now. Unless Peggy Lee is singing in my ear.
Plus mom always said I was a snotty little
girl, so THAT one is out.
My ears feel clogged up, but not exactly pained.(Again, unless Peggy Lee is warbling into them.)
Throat hurts ,hmmmm not really it's just tweaked a bit from all the gunk and coughing I do to get RID of the gunk in my chest...

O.K, you I or don't I have it...

I suppose if I don't post for several weeks ,one could assume that I did indeed have said illness,passed on, and then could proceed to
sell their original Leidy art for mucho buckage.
Hence a great chance for you to NOW purchase said work. Having the forethought for such things is so admirable ,isn't it?


Just Jane said...

I vote for bronchitis.


hmm..I'll look into that one too...
I just think it's a nasty ass cold thingy...
you know dads...they always worry bout ya... giggle

Anonymous said...

Noooooooooooo !!!
I refuse to vote.
Don't pass on now !
I'm not yet ready to search for you in the beyond. I need you here.
It's just starting.
Look ! I have plenty of syrup...Flowers & cards...A troop of Lemurs to crunch...Unpublished songs from The Cure...
Hang on !!!


n'ayez aucune crainte mon cher, Je serai autour long après que le monde explose. Il y aura les cancrelats, le Cher, le Keith Richards, et de moi !

Anonymous said...

Wonderful my Dear !
You're writing in Molière's language almost like a pro and deserve a "B +".
Like bravo of course(Thumbs up !).
I wish you'll get rid of this nasty cold quickly. The spring popped his nose here today.
Without sneezing ! Good prognosis, keep hope.

Your devoted and unconditional admirer,

Chris Cockroach


ya, thank Buddha for 'bable fish' translator....mah French...she za stink!