Wednesday, March 10, 2010

whirling ....

1976 was a year of importance to me.
Music started meaning more to me. Bands became
intriguing,fun,rough. Punk had infiltrating the
airwaves. Along with The Ramones, Sex Pistols, Iggy,and a myriad of others,
there was Patti.
She stood out alone to me in a sea of crotch rock.
She gave me a message. I think the first time I actually
saw her perform was on Saturday Night Live. I was transfixed.
High school was real drag, she helped me start to see
things a bit more clearly, to open up. I knew I wanted to be an artist, musician,
create something,anything.
I saw the possibility.

(I still have and treasure my single of Hey Joe/Piss Factory.And NO you can't buy it off of me.)

Whenever I feel a bit "clogged" or "frozen".
Popping a bit of Patti on always gives a much needed
amazonian boost to what ails me.

Whirling dervish music.
Powerful, poetic, creative, free flowing.

Thanks Patti. I needed that.

music of the day: Patti
food of the day: fish
mood of the day: grrrrrrr, get out of the way, I'll eat you up!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Before 1976 was 1971, right ?
I'm eighteen...Imagine...
Almost eighteen !
Ah almost ! That's a key word, isn't it ?
Vincent Damon Furnier, aka Alice, lit the fuse !!
And John, God ! Was it only a concept ? He opened the space of utopia.
They both hurled me into infinite, where I'm still wandering, forever thankful.

Why is it you wanna bitch slap almost every man ?
In a way, I think I can relate. Need some help ? Hehe !
Oh but once more, the key is in "almost" !
Who TF are the ones you don't want to slap ?

Whirlingly yours