Wednesday, April 7, 2010

I got nuttin'...

...but to show I HAVE been productive, here are my inky fingers,
fresh off the comic inkin' merry-go-round.
I am a messy inker. I don't mess on the boards too much at all,but I have a knack for getting coated in the stuff on my
fingers, arms, elbows, face, and on one memorable messy occasion, my hair.

Today was finger day. I was royally frustrated cuz' the Canson bristol I use
has been steadily declining in quality,so I kept hitting pockets of
"bleed". ( You artists out there know of what I speak.)
I can't find a decent bristol out there to save my life,that doesn't cost a small fortune!
( no the 4 and 3 ply Strathmore suck ass too now...)

I have a very, very small stock of OLD paper, bristol from my art school days.
( Ya, that's old) Maybe it will be a bit yellowed ,but usable. I'm digging into it
tomorrow. This sucks ass.

I also found a supply of Arches thick- thick watercolor sheets. The sheets that
cost ,like 25 bucks each kinda sheets.
So nerve wracking to even use them..but I may end up doing so.
fuck it.


Your Toy said...

I have the solution to alllll your problems.


I wish that solution were here right now!!!