Friday, April 9, 2010


My Series Seven Windsor Newton Kolinski Sable number 2 brush!

An art supple mail order
house was having a DEEP discount sale on the brushes. Though not as consistent in quality as they once were, they are still the best brush for inking in MY book!

I am replacing the proud ,but tired warrior I have had for ,oh, more than 15 years.
but the rub is...THAT one was replacing one....

in this photo....that was more than, well let's say I have had it since I was
17. I still have it. In fact ALL the brushes in this photo ,save the newish capped one,

are 30 plus years old.
Can't seem to bring myself to throw out the retired warriors.
They have served me well. Obvious by the worn down hair, misshapen figures,ink stains.
But I never like to throw out or forget something that has brought me so
much joy ,inspiration, and freedom. Like my friends and lovers.
I like to keep them around.

our musical selection of the day my dears:

"so fool me, fool me, fool me"

Music of the cool day: The Smiths
food of the day: Thai with an old friend
mood of the day: ITCHING to use a NEW brush friend!


Hee Hee said...

Good God damn and other such phrases!

Anonymous said...

I vote for the third picture.
The cutest brush...
A wisp of hair...
A fleeting hint...of wildness !


hee hee- are u mad at my brushes?

Chris- thanks! ;)