Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Make me an offer.

..and so it begins, The streamlining of life.
Reduction of clutter, breathing space,less to dust.
So yes, I am serious ,make me an offer. I prefer the purchase
to be a BULK one, none of these onesies. hee hee

Today was a bit of a drag, even though I wizzed thru inking my new comic, the new glasses
are not what I expected. Too much of a head turn and everything goes wonky and curvy.
Bi-focals suck ass.

Off to deal, my back and right arm have decided today was as good as any to
conk out on me.

Love you my duckies!

music of the day: Bob Marley
food of the day: Jamaican Jerk
mood of the day: fine now...

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

1...2...1-2-3-4 !

Is that a choral ?
Hey ! What do I see at the back ?
Some frenchies !! Pure ones. True Gauls, always ready for a funny good fight. The essential, Asterix, Obélix and Panoramix the druid. Good choice. Do you know them ?
You'd better be friend with !

And Smurfs too !! Don't tell me you read that ! The real name is "Schtroumpf". Try to say and make a clip for me to be sure you did it properly. And if you ever reply, do it in Schtroumpf language please. Do you speak it ?