Monday, April 26, 2010

New Comic Monday!

At !

Weekend of minor debauchery.(very)
Supplemented by two unintentional consecutive nights of Chinese food, some
industrial /goth club music one night,creative meetup for drawing and
chatting another, mixed in with a tiny bit of family /friends time,made for
a low key, well rounded two days.
Now if only George Clooney had stopped calling me all weekend it would have
been perfect.

Honestly, this time he got a whole gaggle of his pals to start
bombarding me with calls, telling me how cool he was, how he has changed his ways
and to PLEASE give him another chance.
He was not the same man without me by his side,yadda yadda...
I almost went for it, but then that little snake Ben Affleck started chatting me up
and trying to get me to meet him instead!
I asked him how he thought George would feel about him going behind his back AND his wifes reaction to his doing such a sneaky thing. he told me he was willing to risk all
cause he had heard so much about me from George he was smitten, and could NOT stop thinking about me.
"OH GREAT!" ,I'm thinking, "Now I got George, Eric Stoltz, and now BEN after me!"

I ask you, what's a sexy gal like me to do, eh?
But I will secretly tell you, my heart will always belong to the G man.

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