Friday, April 23, 2010

Rainy day song...

...going out to all my raindogs.

Almost done mini art job I picked up.
Or good for a few bucks ,or a few dozen cups of tea.

Still not used to the glasses,but I'm giving it a good go.
Maybe that's why I have been
so out of it. I can't imagine what else could have me so discomboobalated.

I drew a nudie yesterday too. I forget I can draw sometimes. hee hee

no venturing out until later today, I wish I had some giant
rubber boots,a giant umbrella, and a duckie to float in the
ever expanding puddle outside my building.

music of the day: Tom Waits, Cure, The Jam
food of the day: schtuff
mood of the day: mellow and chagrined

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