Monday, April 19, 2010

"Uh Oh! Looks like somebodies got a case of....."

........"the Mondays!"

Name the movie ,win a prize.

Yeah, you KNOW it's gonna be "that kinda day"when you go yawning into the kitchen this
morning, looking forward to a nice waffle or something and next think you know,
your glasses go flying off your face and smashing onto the floor, right next to that
cherrio you've been meaning to clean up for a week. ( But I digress...)

So after the attempted Super Glue and scotch tape repairs, it becomes apparent that
a visit to the local Lenscrafters was in order.

I went for BOLD and STRONG, Like ubber chick that I am.
Got a deal on them, still adjusting to the curves and wonky vision of their
newness, so this will be short.

Happy week to you .

music of the day: The Jam
food of the day: Strawberry Cream
mood of the day: slightly irritated with a side of righteous indignation

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