Thursday, April 15, 2010

WE EXPOSE the inner workings of...

...what it takes to become this Vixen you call PATTY.
Welcome to a rare glimpse behind the curtain, the secret lotions and
potions that keeps this delicate flower looking like a, well,
a delicate flower! How often are you allowed such access to
the secret world of ME?
You lucky duck!
Don't tell anyone what you saw. OR soon everyone will want to
try my beauty regiment.

Ya, well I was spring cleaning and got a bee up my butt to clean out the
cabinet and organize everything.For some reason I feel a lot better and calmer
after a major overhaul cleaning in my apartment.

next up: The Kitchen, then the hallway closet!

music of the day was: That little buzzy noise inside my head is back
food of the day: PHO!
mood of the day: Cleany! You should see my CAR interior!!


Anonymous said...

That's funny...
I was lately at my cousin's, a few days ago. She was in her bathroom, making up and I was standing there at the door. We were talking and my eyes came to rest on a pretty nice wooden display cabinet.
There on the shelves, all tidy up, sparkling lipsticks, small sweet jars, bottles filled with amber...
Divine essence...
She saw I was mesmerized and opened it, to let me look and smell the indefinable scent filling the wood.
What a special universe, to be lost in wonder, arousing the most delicate and subtle senses...
Devil ? Divine ? Dunno !
Guess I'm a bit lost.
In wonder !
Lovely secret world anyway.
Thanks for sharing it.


ya, it amuses me how guys get enthralled with what stuff we get ,use,slather etc.

Anonymous said...

This is one of your best posts ever. We should all share what's in our bathroom cabinets!


Anonymous said...

Hehe !!
It's one way of seeing things indeed :)


Thanks gang!!
Scary indeed when I look at all the crap I put on my face , but I do not look my I suppose it works...