Tuesday, April 27, 2010

What a RUSH!

Got my first two dog cut-outs delivered for my upcoming show at Geez Louise in Oct.
Never too soon to start for sure. This one WILL take some time to get going ,as
I had to bribe a friend to do the cut outs for me, on his free time,so I had to
factor in that as well. But I will say this.
As soon as I got those pups in my hand and the paint brush going, I felt so good
about things. All I need is to get crafty every day and things look up!
Well that and some good conversations and snax.

You gotta have snax!

music of the day: The Clash, Ravi Shankar, Velvet Underground
food of the day: some squackie chicken
mood of the day: a bit lifted, if not seeing the end of the tunnel,well, at least in two weeks time then possible end of the tunnel....

tonight is LOST. Almost done, I can't wait ,then I can fricking
stop worrying about a stoopid TV show!

(I am also going to now mention the words, leidy porno several times, thus, once again,screwing up google search engines in other countries that use those words to
seek out the mighty pundendum.)

Leidy porno
leidy Porno

I am evil.



bluejoanna said...

Speaking of Leidy porno, some random Spanish-speaking guy tried to friend me on facebook. WTF? One of his likes was "Leidy."


ya...what does Leidy mean ,anyway... tee heee