Friday, April 30, 2010


Doggie #1 iz done! Well, except for the glaze,but it's too chilly to
do that today. But here it is. The Wonderama-glowing eye-wacky-dog.

Now there WILL be a limited number of these produced, so if you have a hankering
for one,or a kitty, let me know NOW and I will save you one.
The show is in OCT, so you wouldn't actually get the art until the show closes.
I'm also making some cool BATS. I think I will have only 3 or 4 of those..but their
beady lil' eyes an teefs shall glow as well.

Oy, what a day, I figured out what it is with my new glasses. I'm seeing TOO well now for one thing. As I walked down the aisles of Michaels Arts and Crafts for my glitterpens, I had trouble 'seeing' stuff. It was ALL so sharp to me my brain started to fight itself or something. I felt a bit vertigo hit me, and I had to stop and only look at stuff that was right in front of me."
Walking is still a chore too, the ground curves up on the sides and i get all"squishy feeling. Typing on my keyboard is wack-o too. if I don't have my head in the exact right position, it gets all wonky curvy.

Sometimes life is better a bit blurry.

music of the day: well it AIN'T ICP
food of the day: green tea, MONKEY OATMEAL BARS
mood of the day: fear of clarity


Amorphous Trapezoid said...

I SHOULD be wearing glasses myself. But I am afraid that what is happening to you will happen to me, and I will not get used to them for a long while. So I have been seeing blurry for a few years now. Hopefully I don't walk in front of a moving car or something that I don't see until it is too late...

Amorphous Trapezoid said...

PS: Like your dog. Am looking forward to your show in Oct!