Thursday, May 13, 2010

Cuz you asked for it!

Here's a page out of one of my Moleskin Notebooks.
(The best notebooks in the world.)
It's a little think page of kitties and meeses. I think I like it. I
think I'd hang out in a coffee shop called Cafe Jitters.
Wouldn't you?

Anyway that's all I got today. Deadline for some art is here,and I am ummm..
doing that job search thang as well. Anyone need anyone like me?
Clever, quick witted, and can draw the shizzle out of cats.

Music of the day: New stuff, The Cure
Food of the day: there is a raw squishy piece of meat out in the
kitchen with my name on it. ( Sorry lymond..tee hee)
Mood of the day: Pretty dang excited for this weekend for OH so many
reasons.But mainly cuz I get to meet him.
It's a new world order indeed.

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