Saturday, May 29, 2010

Evil abounds all things, even usually cute bunnies.
Since I am currently no longer doing the Zero Hour strips,
I figured why not post some Moleskine drawings I've done
This is from the watercolor Moleskine. I think they are evil
bunnies. I mean, they sure LOOK like they are up to no good.
Don't they?
But everything looks good drawn in a Moleskine. I want to marry mine.
Wait a minnit, I think I have!
I have a sketchbook of some sort in every room of my apt. ( except the kitchen)
Too bad the prices of them went up and I, being the unemployed waif that I am,
have found it difficult to justify the purchase of the GIANT sized one that came out.
I practically DROOL and feel all quivery inside every time I pick it up in the art store.
BA! I have quite a few old books to tide me over,even if they aren't Moles...

Too hot today to deal. Indoors, scanning, missing a certain someone, ( who I know I will see soon, but still..good things come to those who wait), listening to music. Dinner tonight with visiting family.( Damn those kids grew up!)
Sometimes in the heat of the day, things can get a bit muddy in your brain, but I figured I'd use it to my creative advantage.
Later my gaters.

music of the day: Morrissey
food of the day: cool food
mood of the day: too hot to think
this is going to be a long summer..... *sigh*

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