Thursday, May 6, 2010

Happy Birthday

This is a transcript of a late night phone call I received last night:
ring ring ring


George- "Hi!, It's me!"

P-"Me who?"

G-"You know who, MEEEEE! George! You miss me baby?"

P-"Oh,it's you,George ,how can I miss you when you don't stop calling
me and bugging me?"

G-"Awwww don't be that way babyyy, you know I miss you.Be nice to me,
it's my birthday today!"

P-"Your birthday is May 6 George...oh IS 4 in the morning so
technically, it is..but..."

G-" Ya, aren't you gonna wish me a happy birfffffday dollface?"

P- "Are you drunk George?"

G- "Merely celebrating the fact that I was put on this green earth to
brighten your days my dear.. hic"

P-"George ,WHY do you continually bug me,even while you have some hottie
Italian girl on your arm all the time, I've seen the photos, I know what
you're up to! Why?"

G-"You know why baby! NO ONE understands me like you do! I think about you
all the time, I can't stop. You drive me NUTS! Why won't you stop and just say
yes and let me take you away from all this craziness. We can live anywhere you want!
I'll take care of you! Anything you want, name it ,it's yours!!! HIC I ADORE you!!"

P-"I know George, but NO...NO ,Please's useless. It would never work, we both know it!"

G-"well,........hic...can I at least come over for a birthday blow job? hic"

P-" .........."


I'm a little tired today. ( obviously) SO off to paint and reflect.

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Tim said...

That is funny! Nice piece of .. (writing, George, writing!!)


hahahah .thanks!