Sunday, May 9, 2010

Something horrible happened...

washing dishes after breakys this morning I dropped one of my
favorite mugs. I have had that Cat in the Hat anniversary mug since the
mid-80s when I worked in the book industry! A gift from Random House
publishing.I loved looking at it every time I used it, I traveled with it to
all my different moves.It was a faithful little cup that served me well.
It survived one drop unscathed I was pretty
upset when it finally broke.
"OH NO!" escaped from me followed by a long sigh. I was sad to loose it.
Sweeping up the pieces I started thinking about how this might relate to
a very special friends problem that cropped up for him this weekend.Something
broke for him as well.
I guess we could look at it like this: we can get upset,sure of course I was upset, it was a favorite cup! Of course that's a given,
then we can decide after that period of upset to move on, and be happy we have
other favorite cups to fill our needs and make us happy.

Of course we could stay upset over the loss of ol' cuppy' ,but I know for a fact I have some other cups around that are going to do just fine and why spin my wheels
getting upset over something that happened in the past. I can't let "broken cup"
dictate for me how I'm going to drink my tea in the future....

I did have a drink last I might be a little
off here...

HAPPY MOTHERS DAY to all the MOMMYS out there here and gone.

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A. Owsley said...

It's amazing how attached we can get to such menial things as a coffee cup, and how your stomach can clench when watching helplessly as the thing plummets to its doom. It's extra distressing when you accidentally destroy a loved one's beloved mug (as I once did with my wife's favorite Steeler's Championship mug many years ago. Thankfully some epoxy put things right for both the mug and our marriage!)