Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Tuesday is BATTY day...

I love bats.Anyone that knows me ,knows this.
You can usually find me wearing a bat necklace of some kind.
They are just so cool. SO I decree today Batday!
That, and I had nothing else to write about today cuz I have a comic due and
I haven't even written it yet. I can't seem to find a good topic.
That and my mind is on my unemployment ,and my bennys ran out this week,so you
could see how I might be distracted. (also a current male obsession of mine is
becoming perilously close to reality and that is consuming me at times.In a good way of course! And no, it's NOT George or Eric.)

It's springy out, cool weather and now snow on the way..One final blow out I say!
C'mon snow!

Music of the day: Morrissey, asst. stuff
food of the day: leftover umm...whatever the hell that was
from last night.
mood of the day: lustful

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