Thursday, June 24, 2010

It was never ment to be....

..Poor little Waspy. Unrequited love is the worse,isn't it?
Still he persisted all night long. Doing his dance of love
around the glowing, callous Helical 26w bulb.
I listed to his pained mating buzz dance go on endlessly.
All my efforts to show him the error of his ways went
ignored. Listening to his plaintive pleas for affection
became painful to me,until I was compelled to take
matters into my own hands.
A firm lecture and a hesitant squirt of Raid hopefully
showed him the error of his ways. I listened to his
fading bzzzzzzzzzz deep into the night.

This morning, there he was, now still, curled around
the object of his affection,and his doom.

They never learn ,do they?

music of the day: itunes radio
food of the day: chicken salad
mood of the day: anticipatory, creative.

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