Thursday, June 3, 2010

Jibber Jabber

So the other night I watched Alice in Wonderland with my pal Kyle on our "Taco Wednesday".
Visually stunning, computer graphics great..but the storyline..umm, yeahhhhh.
Nothing to do with the original Carrol story, but inspired by.
Well the drawing of the Jabberwocky drawing was sort of represented,but they took the vest off.
Anyway,where was I, I'm rambling now.But the movie DID have Johnny Depp at his
weirdest, and Crispen Glover (computer generated elongated) at his lovely evil-weirdest,so that was cool.

Anyway I see that I let a whole week go with nothing to say.
It must be the heat, or I am letting something or someone, distract me enough to
not pay attention to the days flying by. Or to at least not care about it.. hee hee

Hot this weekend, my evil ,nefarious plan is to stay sequestered and work on some art
projects, and bombard more places with my resume.
My apparently " You're too qualified for this job/ You're not qualified enough for this job!", resume. Yeah, I have been told that enough times, but, honestly how qualified DO you have to be to see if they want fries with that.. HA HA..I'm KIDDING!
Sheesh, I think I could die if I ended up at another McJob. That or I will have to have you kill me.

Music of the day: the random tunes in my head,crimping
food of the day: Bento!
mood of the day: hot and bothered.

(is it the 12th yet?)

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