Friday, July 16, 2010

Last night was a long overdue dinner with a good friend. Bistro Vendome, always perfect meal there and great atmosphere. I had the lamb.(mmmmmm). My dining companion had the steak ,several glasses of fine wine, and we split a belated birthday chocolate tart with butterscotch caramel around it ,fresh cream and candied walnuts.
we had snails for the app. ( double yum)
It was nice to:
A. go OUT for dinner
B. go out to a FANCY restaurant for dinner
C. not pay for said fancy dinner
D. get a free birthday dessert from the best waiter in years Dylan
E. Enjoy the company of a nice friend
F. Not have to slave in a hot kitchen ,cooking bad "Patty made this" food.



OH yeah, we had a nice dessert wine too, my favorite!

Leftover steak for breakfast.

enuff food porn..
off to blast the A.C in my bedroom and sleep today off.

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