Friday, July 30, 2010


Lunch at New Saigon with some pals. Now everything is right with the world with some noodle bowl in yer tummy!
Seriously it's a great place to grab some Pho!

Which made me feel good enough to do more work for my show in Oct.
here are some Wacky Bats! And yes, their eyes and fangs glow in the dark.
I only have 5 of these so if you seriously want one, let me know now and I will reserve one for you.

Bats are our friends. Theres a nasty while mold going around in caves that is killing them off in huge amounts. SO if you go 'spelunking' or whatever and see a sign saying don't go in. Don't do it.. humans can spread the mold to other caves that might have it! I had no idea.

Even though it's threatening to rain, and not doing's cooled off enuff to let me feel human again.
Hope it sticks...this monster bidness is wearing thin for me ,and I bet my friends...

music of the day: assorted hell-fire rockin goodness on iTunes radio stations namely Devil's Night radio( Serious!)
food of the day: NOODLE BOWL
mood of the day; slightly refreshed, and moderately wary

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