Thursday, July 8, 2010

todays lesson kiddies...

your musical edu-ma-cation will consist of the likely paring of BOWIE and NIN
headlining together on a 1995 tour.
One concert I would have liked to see.. Rumor has it there is an official video/recording of it but the record label never released it..due to...what was it called "disinterest"..Are you KIDDING me?
Who knows out there what and the why of it all?
One of my fave clips on this is Hallo Spaceboy and Scary Monsters...

Cooler weather at hand, (yaaaaa!)
Working on a spiffy art job currently so not much bloggin' at hand lately.
My bad.

off for some Acupuncture and chat! Have fun.

music of the day: see above
food of the day: chicky salad ( though some would say tofu)
mood of the day: pissed off at an anonymous rat..( if u have an issue with me why not talk to me, chicken shit...)

"bye-bye love........"

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